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How can you assure your advertising is targeted and effective? Which item will appeal to your customers?

We absorb ourselves in this issues so that we can be a capable partner with regard to ideas on toys and advertising for both wholesalers and individual retailers, the advertising trade and special mail-order companies who operate in the area of games, sport, lifestyle and health.

Wether you are interested in wellness products, an area which is assuming ever increasing importance, or conventional promotional gifts for children - when you choose us you can be sure that you are getting top quality while laying the best foundations for a meaningful advertising effect.

This effect is particularly valuable with promotional items aimed at children. The colourful toys bring great pleasure to children while while the advertising and thus the name or brand is easily and permannently captured in the parents' mind. And guess what - your four-legged friends will also enjoy many of our products!

As a member of the Promotional Service Institute (PSI), we are always up-to-date on current topics and news from the industry and for the industry. We then apply this kowledge for the benefit of our customers. Our PSI membership number: 40588

Useful, popular and promotionally effective

Simply beastly - toy animals


Our little Farm

Game pawns for our peewees!


Aquatic animals

Our five swimming aquatic animals are in the thick of all the fun...



Bring joy to the little ones while planting yourself in the parents' minds!...


Zoo animals

Our little zoo contains: lion, hippopotamus, camel ...


Marine animals

Learn colors and shapes with our cute sea animals! ...


Forest animals

Which animals live in the forest? Learn playfully...


More than 50 years experience and satisfied customers!


More than 50 years experience - more than 50 years satisfied customers!
Next to wholesalers and individual retailers many well-known industrial companies belong to our customers.
If you need more information about our clients please contact us. We appreciate to give you more detailed references.

The best ideas to play and advertise

Balls, toy animals, massage and wellness products, frisbees, rings, balloons and pet toys - you are at the right place to find the best ideas on toys and advertising.
At Weidner, where alse?

Relax product range


Massage ring

is a resilient, flexible ring with 8 rows of soft "Porcupine Needles"...


Knob trainer

appropriate for wet exercise in the shower! Foot massage at its best...


Foot roll

Reflex zone massage made simple!

Products manufactured in-house

Top Quality

The use of top quality materials is a given for us. We also benefit from the many years of experience which we have been gathering for more than half a century.
Where possible we use natural products such as rubber (see our rubber balls), thereby making a positive effort towards protecting the environment also. Our plastic toys are always free of phthalates and nitrosamine.
Thanks to our versatile production processes we are in a position to offer an enormous range of products...


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